Persons With Physical And Mental Disabilities:: Let's Analyze The Issues Which Require Our Immediate Attention!
Persons with Physical and mental disabilities: Physical and mental disability is another aspect where our services are very much needed. Mentally retarded children especially need our compassion and understanding.

Mechanical or road-side accidents resulting in loss of an arm or a leg can sometimes snatch a livelihood or shatter dreams of a decent future. Children affected by Post-Polio Paralysis or congenital disabilities are often considered a burden on family & society. These cases require specialized measures & help in the form of surgery, artificial limbs, calipers, tricycles, wheelchairs etc.

At times, so poor is the notion of human dignity amongst us that we reject the spectacle of a helpless person dying on the roadside, an old man unattended or uncared for, or a child forced to leave school because of poverty. We sometimes become too caught up in the pettiness of the world around us; our own problems seem too burdensome and we ignore our inner compassion. We blame destiny, and speculate that all suffering is pre-ordained. We donate liberally in the name of religion to satisfy our conscience or fulfill ulterior motives. As a result, the true tenets of the religion are pushed to the background and service to mankind is nowhere to be witnessed. Why don't we take stock of ourselves, realize that we are but mortals, and have just one life-span to do any good that we can? Why don't we invoke the high principles of our religions and of universal equality in the eyes of God, and take action to divert public funds and attention towards service to mankind?
Persons with Physical and mental disabilities Persons with Physical and mental disabilities Persons with Physical and mental disabilities
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