Children:: Let's Analyze The Issues Which Require Our Immediate Attention

Children: They are our future and that of the nation. As citizens of tomorrow, they will carry the world and our legacy forward when we are gone. It is our duty to educate them, nurture and guide them, so that they become wholesome human-beings.

In our country, unfortunately hundreds of children are deprived of basic education because of lack of resources. It is even sadder that many brilliant students are condemned to mediocrity for want of proper guidance and facilities. In addition to providing them with the learning aids, we should also give them a development-conducive environment where they can make the most of what they have been provided with.

There are people who consider themselves lucky if they can have two meals a day, sometimes maybe just one. Besides food, they are unable to afford medical care in the event of disease or injury. How pitiful for a human being to suffer or witness the suffering of perhaps his parents or children because there is a fee he cannot pay, medicine he is unable to purchase


Children Children Children
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